Mini bike gas tank finned cast aluminum AS0446P


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Mini bike sand cast aluminum gas tank holdsĀ  1.8 litres around 1/2 a gallon These are sand cast aluminum and are polished. We offer a raw version that can be painted, powder coated or left the raw natural aluminum finish. The fuel cap is available from just about any auto shop world wide or it can also be purchased from us. The tank is sold as a raw casting with the neck machined and 3 tapped 3/8 bsp holes in the bottom. Also a M6 fine thread fuel tap and tank fitting is supplied that can be fitted in any of the 3 drilled holes or you can fit your own if you require it to be in a different position. Also 2xM8 blind plugs are fitted to the tank for simple mounting with a strip of aluminum.


Length underside. 250mm

Width at widest point.150mm

Height at highest point.95mm

Height at lowest point.85mm